Dan Noel

Dan Noël

Dan started his Leather Journey in 1986 while living in Los Angeles.  After an evening at the Gauntlet, being the curious type, he continued to experiment with the Leather/Fetish community.  Although his first feel of leather was having to wear Lederhosen as a young boy, that one night at the Gauntlet was all it took to start him on a journey which he still is experiencing today.  In May, 1988, Dan entered the Mr. Philadelphia Leather Contest upon encouragement from Friends in Harrisburg.  Though he didn’t win, the weekend was a success and while relaxing with friends in Harrisburg, was given the idea to start a Leather Club in Baltimore….and C.O.M.M.A.N.D was born.

Dan entered Mid-Atlantic Leather in 1989 and, with much surprise to practically everyone in attendance, won the contest.  Dan has continued to represent the Mid-Atlantic title as the permanent emcee for the Oklahoma Leather Contest from1998 until 2007.  He has emceed and judged numerous contests and fund raising events throughout the United States and Canada to include IMSL.

Dan retired from the US Army’s Military Police Corps in 1995 and is currently employed in Federal Law Enforcement for the Department of Homeland Security.  Dan spends as much time as possible traveling and visiting friends throughout the country, and frequently travels to Germany and Scotland visiting friends and relatives. On weekends he is usually at his house in Lewes, Delaware with his Partner David.  Many people still call him Marvel Anne, a nickname that was given to him many years ago in the Leather Community.

Dan would like to wish all the contestants good luck, and never give up on your CUIR dreams.  You are all an inspiration and will be someone’s mentor someday.  “I would like to encourage everyone to create a journey for themselves and make it a fun and learning experience”.  Thank you C.O.M.M.A.N.D for this extremely wonderful honour.  I am truly overwhelmed and humbled by your invitation……ENJOY THE RIDE!!!



Mr. Iowa Leather 2016

Born in the capital city of the great state of Wisconsin, Rob Anderson currently serves as Mr. Iowa Leather 2016. He was a Top 20 finalist at IML 38, where he was a crowd favorite. Rob, also known as “Papa Bear,” grew up on a small farm on Little Bear Road, in the town of Bear Creek, located in Bear Valley. In his spare time he is writing a book of short stories about his life growing up on the farm titled, “Beyond the Valley of the Bears: From Little Bear to Leather Bear.”

Rob is a member of the Titans of the Midwest, and currently serves on the executive board as Secretary. He is a former full member and current associate member of the Atons of Minneapolis where he served as Secretary, Social & Fundraising Chair, and Hospitality Chair for the Atons GOPHER Run in 2014.  Rob also served on the Board of Directors for Twin Cities Pride for five years.

Trained in vocal performance, Rob loves to sing and has shared his talents with his leather brothers and sisters whenever possible. During his title year he has traveled to Palm Spring Leather Pride, Mister International Rubber 19, Mr. 501 Eagle in Indianapolis, Mr. Chicago Leather Weekend, Mr. Twin Cities Leather Weekend, Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, North American Bear Weekend, and Mr. Missouri Leather Weekend. This spring he hosted the Hot Ash Party this April at CLAW and was a featured singer in the CLAW Sunday Show.

His turn-ons include gloves, boots, beards, tattoos, and guys in glasses. As a member of BLUF, Rob prefers his men in head to toe leather gear. The gear stays on

Greg King
Mr. Maryland Leather 2015

Although he came out in rural Central PA a bit late in life, Greg found the leather and kink lifestyle at the age of 33. Since then he has had a stellar time catching up exploring countless kinks, discovering the many sub-cultures of the leather community and studying our community’s history.

He is a father, a grandfather, husband, business man and one of the 4 Crazy Guys behind the new Baltimore Eagle.

He has served the community in many capacities as a volunteer, protestor, activist, fundraiser, community organizer, event producer and board member of several area non-profits. He is currently the administrator for Bears, Bikers and Mayhem, a member of COMMAND, MC, a member of Capital City Bears and the King of Cumalot.

He earnestly believes in the power of community and the unlimited potential that comes from like-minded people coming together with a common purpose under good leadership – with the greatest rewards of friendship and brotherhood.

Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2016

“Todd Leavitt is Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2016 and lives with his immediate leather family — Master Dan Ronneberg, and husband, Randy Gooch–in St. Mary’s, PA.

Todd has been an active member of the leather scene for over 25 years, having served as a DC Sigma board member (a kink education organization) and as the current co-chair of Mr. Friendly’s DC chapter.

Todd enjoys full range of BDSM play, bodybuilding, Netflix binges, somber superheroes, and Pathfinder role playing game.”

Mr. Michigan Leather 2016

Brian is a former outsider who found his home in the leather community after a trip down the rabbit hole in Toronto 5 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Within the community he’s found a place where diversity, exploration, inclusion, trust and sex are welcomed and celebrated. Since that fateful weekend, Brian has become a member of the Titans of the Midwest, the Michigan Band of Brothers, and is a founding member of The Mavericks, a leather social club in the metro Detroit area.

A tactile, hugs over handshakes person at heart, he holds true to his middle-child ways of trying to help others. Like most of us he’s stood on the edges at the bar and benefited from the kind stranger who said hello.  He now tries to honor them by paying that simple act forward.

In his free time he enjoys spending time with friends, traveling, entertaining, listening to a variety of music, good bourbon, food and wine.

While he may be out exploring the vast world of leather and kink, his heart will always belong to his partner (now husband) of 19 years, Chuck. They reside in Royal Oak, Michigan where Brian is also known as Mr. Michigan Leather 2016

Ms. Baltimore Eagle 1999.

Buz is a community consultant, and serves on the Advisory Board for the Leather Heart Foundation, a 501(c) (3) organization that provides assistance to qualified applicants that find themselves in hardship situations.  www.leatherheart.org

The Leather Heart Foundation…Our Community, Our Heart

She is an original and active member of FIST (Baltimore/DC), and a former producer of the Mr. & Ms. Baltimore Eagle contests.  She is an associate member of  Hooker & Boys and C.O.M.M.A.N.D.

Buz is a past board member of the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore.  Former club memberships include:  SECC, Crucible, Llabia (Maryland/DC), OW (Phila.), SMAzons, National Leather Association (NLA-I).

She is involved in many events around the country, and can often be seen working hard behind the scenes as a stage manager, judge, workshop presenter, or on a panel.

Current stage managing gigs include:

  • Drummer North America (DNA)
  • Mr. Maryland Leather
  • 12 Days of Christmas Fundraiser; A Hooker and Boys Production

Past stage managing gigs include:

  • Mid-Atlantic LeatherSir/boy/Woman/Community Bootblack
  • Backstage Director – SELF (Southeast Leather Fest)

Judging gigs include:

  • MAL
  • Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman

Buz is honored to be judging and is looking forward to an awesome MML weekend.

Mr. Mayhem Leather 2015

Kevin grew up at the Jersey Shore, and has lived in Washington, DC, Ft Lauderdale, San Diego, Louisville KY, Los Angeles, and back to Asbury Park, NJ where his interest in the leather and bear communities originated, and now calls St Louis, Mo. home.

Kevin has been active in the community supporting such organizations as ‘Mr. Friendly’ as part of the Team Friendly Jersey Shore, and currently Mr. Friendly St Louis, spreading the word about HIV stigma, promoting the message “Poz or Neg, we’re here for you!”.  Also, as part of the Jersey Shore Prevention Network, promoting HIV testing, as part of the “Be a Hero and get tested” / PReP campaign… All the while supporting causes regionally with fundraisers in Philadelphia PA, for the Mazonni Center, Gettysburg/Harrisburg/Baltimore during his run as Mr. Mayhem 2015.

Kevin has contributed in raising thousands for HIV/AIDS charities on behalf of the Bears Bikers and Mayhem weekend event.

Kevin promotes the philosophy of bringing together all kinds of cultures (bears, leather folk, puppies, kinksters, youth, seasoned vets) to support each other for common goals, be it stigma, bullying, suicide prevention, shaming… we’re all in this together by holding the title Mr. Mayhem Leather 15′, and in his everyday life.

He hopes to bring together the bear and leather communities to practice what he preaches… Be the change you’d like to see in the world, without seclusion.

Kevin is honored to have been selected to Judge Mr. Maryland Leather, and hopes to see some of himself and these philosophies in all of the contestants.

Mr. Hideaway Leather 2014
Mr. Southern Coastal States Leather 2014

J.Tebias Perry is a native of Atlanta, Ga. He is also a proud member of the Southeast chapter of ONYX – a national leather and kink fraternity for gay and bisexual men of color. His involvement with the Atlanta leather community in general, and ONYX in particular, has helped Tebias embrace his kinks and become a more confident, powerful, and direct human being. He is a member of Sandy Mama Reinhardt – Mama’s Family as “Defiant Sir”!

His well remembered speech during IML 2014, “…Don’t be the problem, be the solution for a bigger and better leather community”, is still a motto he lives by daily. He proudly placed 9th in the contest.

Tebias believes it is the duty of the community to take care of it’s own who are homeless or lacking the proper balance of food/clothing.  During and prior to his title year as Mr. Hideaway Leather 2014, Tebias has supported charities that focus on LGBT youth and professional counseling for the LGBT: Lost and Found Youth of Atlanta, Motivational Services, many public auctions and fundraising events to raise proceeds and awareness. He is a true servant of the world of leather.

He is closely affiliated with local bars in Atlanta but calls the Atlanta Eagle his home bar.  He enjoys educating individuals of all sexual orientations in the Leather, BDSM, and fetish communities.

Tebias loves extensive travel and exploring new cultures. He enjoys international cuisines, rope play, power exchange and currently learning single-tail.



Tally Masters

Pup Gryphn

Ryan Lloyd (Pup Gryphn)

Pup Gryphn comes from a small town in Delaware where he lived most of his life. While he lived there he found the Furry Fandom on the internet and began meeting up with local furs in the area. Thus, kicking off his journey into the fetish and kink communities.

Shortly after high school Gryphn joined the Marines where he served as a rifleman for four years. He was stationed in Hawaii for a majority of his service. He deployed twice to Iraq, once to the Haditha Dam, and a second time to Karma which is located about six miles south of Fallujah. He served while DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) was still being enforced, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing relationships. He would often go to clubs that were frowned upon by command to meet up and hang out with other LGBTQ and BDSM oriented peoples as well.

Once Gryphn exited the Marine Corps he moved back to Delaware and started to explore more into the BDSM community. He then attended FetFest in 2013 where he learned about pet play and was hooked. This was also his first time exploring fire play, rope play, and flogging. In 2015 he went to MAL and attended his first pup mosh. From there Gryphn went to volunteer for Wolfstryker leather where he learned leather working skills, and attended many other events such as BBM and Mr. and Mrs. Philadelphia leather. He also helped raise money for the Mazzoni center in Philadelphia while volunteering for Wolfstryker Leather.

Pup Gryphn then moved to Baltimore where he ran for, and became the first Mid-Atlantic Puppy 2015. During his time as Mid-Atlantic Puppy he has put himself out into the community while reaching out to help as many people as he can to learn more about the pup community.

Pup Gryphn currently lives in Greencastle, PA with his partner Rich. He also is the Alpha to Boy Robert, who recently celebrated one year sober, an achievement that Gryphn is extremely proud of.

Pup Gryphn has been honored by being pinned into Mama’s Family as “ Mama’s Alpha Pup”. He served as Judges’ “Pup” for Mr. Mayhem Leather 2016 at Bears, Bikers, & Mayhem. He served once more as Judges’ “Pup” for Mid Atlantic DNA 2016 in Jew Jersey. For two years Gryphn has aided Baltimore Pride at the Twilight on the Terrace. Gryphn is honored to be asked as the Tally Master for Mr. Maryland Leather this year and looks forward to the task!

 Paulie's BIO Pic

Paul E. Treadway III

Paulie, as he prefers to be called, has lived in Baltimore, MD all of his 46 years. He is a bi-sexual man serving the various LGBTQ communities for the past 16 years. A proud member of Hooker & Boys and Mama’s Family, “Mama’s Caning Boy” is also founding member of both The Praetorian Guard and the Women of Discipline’s Men’s Auxiliary, founding associate of both the DC boys of Leather and the Leatherboys of Maryland, associate of both COMMAND MC and FIST, a past recipient of the Pantheon of Leather Community Service Mid-Atlantic Regional Award, and “hus-boy” of Sir Rik Newton-Treadway, Maryland Mr. Leather 2009.

As a member of H&B, Paulie is a co-producer of the benefit show, “The Annual 12 Days of Christmas” now into it’s 18th year, a past co-producer of Maryland Drummer & Drummerboy, Maryland LeatherSIR & Leatherboy, Mid-Atlantic Community Boot Black, Chesapeake Leather And Pride [CLAP] and the Mid-Atlantic LeatherSIR, Leatherboy, Community Boot Black & Leather Woman contests, and co-host for the Carter/Johnson Leather Library and Collection at his home a few years ago and now along with his “hus-SIR”, Rik, they house the Mid-Atlantic Annex of the CJLL&C. Paulie has served as Tally Master for previous Mid-Atlantic LeatherSIR, Leatherboy, Community Boot Black & Leather Woman, Mr. Maryland Leather, Drummer North America, Mid-Atlantic DNA, Baltimore’s King & Queen of Pride, and Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman & Leather Woman Boot Black contests, and is a full staff member of the International Ms. Leather & International Ms. Boot Black contests serving as Assistant Stage Manager.

“Programs, programs… getch’yur programs here!” Working in the printing industry for well over 20 years now, Graphic Design has been one of his hobbies since the early days of computers. He has designed, re-designed, fixed, assembled, facilitated, and/or printed posters, ads, logos, business cards, palm cards, and of course, event programs for numerous Leather, Drag and other LGBTQ events. Some of his proud credits include [in one way, shape or form]: Maryland and Mid-Atlantic Drummer & Drummerboy, The Annual 12 Days of Christmas, Mr. & Ms. Baltimore Eagle, Miss Gay Maryland America, Moveable Feast, Maryland, Mid-Atlantic and International LSb/CBB, CLAP, IMsL/IMsBB, Drummer North America, Mid-Atlantic DNA, Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman & Leather Woman Boot Black, and Baltimore Pride.

Den Daddy


Ty Teachworth (Tank)

Tank Teachworth, 30, calls both Atlanta and New Jersey home. He is an Ambassador-at-Large full member of the Atlanta Panther Leather/Levi Club, and an associate member of the Jersey boys of Leather. Also, he holds the titles of Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2013 and American Leatherboy 2013, and is Mama’s All-American Pup and Mama’s Jockstrap Inspector.

Identifying as a versatile Alpha/Switch, Tank enjoys power exchange as his primary play mode as well as sports gear, uniforms, breath control, impact play, water sports, electro, CBT, chastity, consensual humiliation, interrogation play, fire play and puppy play as a handler.

Tank is pursuing a degree in nursing and works for a non-profit in Asbury Park, New Jersey as a state funded HIV counseling and testing professional, and as a PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV) Counselor, assisting high risk HIV- men acquire and stay on PrEP.

Stage Manager

Margaret Irene

Judges’ Boy

Cody Feucht

Boy Cody Feucht

Boy Cody, Mr. Akron Leather 2015, has been part of the Leather Community going on a couple of years, to where he is constantly learning new things about the Leather Community as a whole. Boy Cody has had the honor and privilege of being able to judge a variety of different leather contests over the years. Also boy Cody enjoys helping so many wonderful people find their way through all parts of the community whether it is drag, leather, or just being kinky … you can always count on boy Cody to be there to help you out … Boy Cody is a proud brother of the Rangers of the Northeast, the 2nd oldest leather club in Ohio, and now the largest.




Rob Cwiklowski

Greg King

Mark Branson

Chris “Kitty” Council

Andrew McCarty

Mike McDonnell

Ryan “Pup Kanoa” Curtis