Lascivious Jane

LasciviousJane is a power-femme switch, kinky burlesQueer, and sex educator. In addition to being perpetually covered in leather and glitter (a bootblack’s worst nightmare), in 2015, she became Ms Philadelphia Leather, the first in a decade. She then won International Ms Leather 2016.

LasciviousJane is an Associate member of the Philadelphians MC and is known as Mama’s GlitterMama. She is also proud to be the first queer woman to win the underwear contest at the Dallas Eagle. She has judged DC Eagle, Ms LA Leather, Mr & Ms NJ Leather, Mid Atlantic Leather Woman and Leather Woman Bootblack, and MAL, among others.

LJ is also a multi-award winning drag and burlesque performer and producer. She has performed across the United States as well as in her home country Canada and is the Artistic Director of Philly’s Liberty City Kings Drag & Burlesque. She has performed at Philadelphia Burlesque Festival, International Burlypicks, International Drag King Extravaganza, and Fierce! International Queer Burlesque Festival. LasciviousJane has performed burlesque at a variety of leather events across the country as well, including IMsL, Leather Leadership Conference, 12 Days of Christmas in Baltimore, South Central LSB, and Folsom Street Fair. She also regularly performs at leather events in her home away from home, Asbury Park, NJ. LasciviousJane has been a femmecee at IMsL and is a regular burlesque femmecee. Her favorite way to help an event raise money is by shimmying out of her clothing.

LasciviousJane sits on the board of directors of the IMsL Foundation. One of her favorite charities is the Leather Heart Foundation. She used her IMsL title year to raise money for this important organization and continues to do so.

In her spare time, LJ enjoys teaching the art of striptease, getting dirty in her garden, finishing her Ph.D, and community organizing. She devotes much of her time to perhaps one of her most important and time-consuming hobbies: working diligently to undermine her husbutch’s attempts to rid their home of glitter, rhinestones, and costumes.




Alyssa Durnien

Alyssa Durnien Ms. Woods Leather 2017 started her leather journey in 2014 at the Woods Campground during the contest weekend. She immediately knew this was where she belonged. She was hand picked by Mama Reinhardt as Mama’s Pinky Leatherette. Pink is her favorite color afterall. She identifies as a chap-stick lesbian. During Alyssa’s title year she attended leather events all over the Mid-Atlantic region and went to ABW in Chicago. Alyssa was the co-host of the first fundraising event at the Baltimore Eagle called The Ladies of Leather. Alyssa participated in many charity and fundraising events consisting of but not limited to Leather Heart Foundation, Monroe County Children and Youth Services, The Woods Camp fund and money for a fellow leather sister. Alyssa currently resides in Lehighton surrounded by her extended family and her furry baby Moke. Alyssa has been the peer facilitator of LGBT Safe Space in Phillipsburg for a little over a year.   She is very honored to be  apart of the esteemed judging panel at Mr. Maryland Leather.


Eli Onyx – Head Judge

Maryland Leather 2016, Formally known as Elias P Fishburne IV.

This Sir hails from Manhattan, New York City and currently resides in Hyattsville, Maryland.

You will often hear the sounds of his single tail whip, or the sounds of his hands slapping against a great pair of Gluteus Maximus well before you are formally introduced to our proud  United States Navy veteran.

ELI has made his mark (pun intended ) on the community and honored to hold the roles of Master, Daddy, Handler, Mentor, and has used his platform inside as well as outside of the leather/kink community.

As an ally he advocates for the voices not heard in the community such as our trans youth and teens for over seven years and still continues to do so. As a Volunteer most of his time spent is directly in PG county with the LGBTQ Taskforce board that work along side of PFLAG, where he is able to support the mission, policies and laws for area youth.

In DC you can find ELI serving his community at either one of Casa Ruby’s youth shelter locations.

Eli often seen in Baltimore’s GLCCB, manning the front desk and sharing words of wisdom to teens in search of adult guidance.

ELI shows up and shows out by supporting his community as a volunteer at most Leather/Kink events as an educator, empowering others that are willing to receive his knowledge of others fetishes and explore. He was a judge at the Mid Atlantic Pups & Handlers 2017.

ELI’s latest project includes establishing “The House of Ra”. This House is created to incorporate many facets of people with many pronouns and sexual orientations within the community, yet keeps the focus on embracing those seeking the knowledge and empowerment of kink through educatin and protocol surrounding the betterment of the future leather and kink community.

Kenn Kennedy

Hailing from Detroit, Kenn is Mr. Michigan Leather 2017, Mr Liberty Leather 2016 and placed 4th at IML 39.  He is a member of The Detroit House of Pain, Titans of the Midwest, an associate member of Onyx Great Lakes, holds the leadership position of Accomodation Liason for the Michigan Band of Brothers and Co-founded the Order of the Non Sanctimonious.

Kenn is a straight-talking, fun-loving, sexual outlaw who uses his passion, energy and zeal to spread excitement and DNA everywhere he goes.  Having hailed from the pansexual kink scene, he considers himself to be Inclusive with a capital “I” and strives to bring that principle to every event he attends.  Additionally, Kenn has autism and never shuts up about it. He hopes to increase visibility for those in the community with cognitive disorders by encouraging dialogue.

Someday Kenn plans on being elected President of the United states because apparently they will give any clown that job these days.


Rich Farias

Rich Farias is Mr. New Jersey Leather 2017, a biologist, a leather bear, a massive nerd, and a lifelong resident of New Jersey.  While he only joined the New Jersey leather community about four years ago, he’s been a kinky [redacted] for far longer; he acquired his first piece of leather gear in 2004, and his first two fetishes in approximately 1983.  He and his husband are Sir and Daddy respectively to their two collared boys/pups: Allan (Pup Data), and Kiefer (Pup Beexouu); and the other members of their leather family.

Rich is using his title year to promote youth and community outreach, kink education, and public health through fundraising for the Newark LGBTQ Community Center (http://newarklgbtqcenter.org/), the Carter-Johnson Leather Library (http://www.leatherlibrary.org/), and Project REAL of Asbury Park, NJ (https://www.facebook.com/ProjectRealAP/)

He is honored to be selected as a judge for the Mr. Maryland Leather contest!


Scooby is Mr. Connecticut Leather 2017. He is an active member of CT Cruisers and Leather boys of New England (LboNE). Scooby identifies as both a boy and pup, and desires to show how someone from the submissive side of the D/s spectrum can also be a leader in the Leather and fetish community. He enjoys participating in LGTBQ events in Connecticut and surrounding region. Scooby has a wide range of kinks, including but not limited to leather, boots, bondage, flogging, spanking, toys, cigars, and pup play.  Scooby wants everyone to remember that Leather is built on compassion, strength and service to others and to the community. Most important though, is the connections we make with others.



Dave Barnett – Den Daddy


Dave Barnett holds the title of Mr. GNI Leather 2015 and is a proud member of the Gay Naturists International organization, the largest gay nudist group in North America. Dave enjoys being naked as often as the law allows, traveling, and attending local naturists events as much as possible. He competed for International Mr. Leather in 2016 and is a member of the SigMA BDSM club in Washington, DC and Team Friendly DC. Dave is a strong advocate of the Mr. Friendly anti-stigma campaign and actively promotes its message on behalf of those living with HIV/AIDS to raise awareness of this issue.  He has taken his message all over the world to places like the Caribbean, Europe, and Australia.

Dave is a proud Leatherman for over 25 years and is happily married to another kinky leather man. Dave and his husband host the famous DC Pre-MAL leather party in January, which is also a fundraiser for Whitman-Walker clinic in DC.  WWC provides health and wellness resources for those living with HIV/AIDS.  This party has raised over $16,000 in the last ten years exclusively from donations.  When they’re not traveling, hanging out at the DC Eagle, or attending other leather events, you can find him and his husband in Rehoboth beach, Delaware in the summer, where Dave competed for his first title as Mr. Double L Leather in 2008 and won first runner-up.  He’s learned a great deal about contests and the leather community since then.  He has produced and coordinated leather contests, mentored previous and current titleholders, judged several other leather competitions over the years, marched in various protests, and feels strongly connected to the leather community.

Dave flags Navy blue on the left, yellow on both sides, red on the left, and grey on the right. He considers himself a switch in many kinks (flogging is his favorite), and is most comfortable with the role of Daddy now that he has entered his 50’s.  He is thrilled and honored to a be a part of this year’s contest.

Pup Indigo – Judges’ Boy

Pup Indigo currently lives in the Northern Virginia area and was Mid-Atlantic Drummerboy in 2016. He has been a member of the leather and kink community since 2013 and has been involved in puppy play since 2014. He has volunteered at CLAW, IML, DC Eagle Leather auctions and has run Puppy Games during Mid-Atlantic Puppy and Handler 2017. In addition, he was featured on the cover of Metro Weekly during MAL 2016 weekend to promote their cover story on puppy play. He has run several bar nights either on his own or alongside others both for fun or fundraising including Pup Night Invasions and Bondage Trivia. During his title year, he marched in NJ, DC and Baltimore Pride and served as Judge’s Boy during NJ Leather weekend 2016. He has been able to travel around the country from LA to NYC and both promote his title while also being of service to the leather and kink community. During his title year when he ran a bar night at 12 Penny Saloon in Mosaic, PA called Fabulously Kinky, Indigo  helped raise money for Northeastern PA Rainbow Alliance. In his spare time, Pup Indigo is an avid gamer and is heavily invested in geek and science fiction media. He can be found cosplaying at various comic conventions and hosting regular board game nights. Leather, neoprene and spandex are his gear of choice and he often likes to go out and find items in thrift stores that can be turned into fetish wear. He can also be found at the Baltimore Eagle helping to manage the dancers there for their weekend events. Pup Indigo believes that the leather and fetish community creates a space where everyone should feel free to express their sexy selves. Because Pup Indigo is a teacher outside of the community, he believes education and understanding can help reduce fear and ignorance. As a result, he actively volunteers for outreach and education opportunities to enrich people within and outside the community.