The Membership Application can be submitted online at the bottom of this page. Any application fees may be paid by check attached to your application or through the website here.

Active Members

If you are applying to become an Active Member, there is a $25.00 (non-refundable) application fee. COMMAND MC has two pledge cycles during the calendar year. New pledges are formally admitted during the January and July meetings. Prior to being voted on, pledge applicants will be invited to an initial interview with the membership board. Please carefully review the membership form to ensure you have met all requirements for membership.  If your application is accepted, you will be required to serve two 90 day probationary periods. Please consult the following document for a more detailed description of the pledge process and timeline.


    • Step One: Submit application at least one week prior to pledge interviews: December 7th for January Admission, June 7th for July Admission. 
    • Step Two: Attend interview with Membership Coordinator and COMMAND Members on the Pledge Interview Committee.
    • Step Three: Membership votes to admit pledge during closed meeting. It is very strongly recommended that applicants attend the open meeting during that month (January or July).
    • Step Four: First 90 day probationary period begins. Pledges build community as a pledge class, attend COMMAND pledge education meetings, volunteer at club events, and are assigned a big sibling.
    • Step Five: At the end of the first period (April for January Pledges. October for July Pledges), your relationship with the club will be evaluated by both the club and you. If all are in agreement, you will be invited to serve the second half of your probationary period. During this period pledges complete a pledge project (act of service for the club or community), continue to volunteer for events, and attend closed meetings.
    • Step Six: At the end of the second half of the probationary period, the club will vote to accept or reject you as an Active member (July for January Pledges. January for July Pledges).

Associate Members:

Becoming an Associate Member of COMMAND MC is an alternative for those who cannot make the full commitment or who wear the patch of another club, but still wish to become a part of our active club! Your application will be presented at the next club meeting for review at the next membership meeting. If down the road you want to switch to Active Membership, your pledge period can be reduced as an Associate Member in good standing.