MC Hot Todd Lincoln

Hot Todd Lincoln is a Baltimore based emcee and producer in the greater Washington, DC area. He connects with audiences using dry wit, bad puns, and snappy suits to create a convivial atmosphere. He runs a show that’s chock full of his favorite burlesque, belly dance and sideshow performers throughout the I-95 corridor, also dubbed the Tassel Trail! (He wrote that). He has hosted shows in far off and mystical lands such as NYC, Falls Church, VA, New Orleans,LA, Washington, DC, West Chester, Pennsylvania, Richmond, VA…just to name a few. He is the current emcee for Twisted Knickers Burlesque, and has been a guest emcee for such troupes as Wasabassco Burlesque, Black Tassel Boolesque, Peek-A-Boo Revue, Gilded Lily, Those Freaking Weirdos, Sticky Buns Burlesque, and Birdcage Burlesque.

Baron Atomy

Known as The Boisterous Beefcake Burlesque Back-Up Plan, the Incorrigible Baron Atomy loves terrible puns, tear-able pants, and the fact that you just groaned at the previous sentence. Baron’s a lucky burlesque fanboi who ascended to stage kitten and eventually performer positions via luck, patient friends, and a mysterious bite from a radioactive g-string; he’s most often seen disrobing, fire-eating, or both alongside stars of The Nerdlesque Festival, La Boum Platinum, Evil League of Ecdysiasts, The Round World, and Cyn Factory. He’s a geek on Twitter and a freak in glitter, and so new in the burlesque scene that the glue on his pasties has barely set. With a goofy grin, an infectious energy, and backside consensually groped by some of nerdlesque’s finest, Baron Atomy’s easy on the eyes and hard to take seriously.

Danny Cavalier

“A rake among rakes, this legend derriere has been amusing and confusing crowds in the DMV area ever since his debut. And though he agrees that “clothes maketh the man,” he is of the opinion that the phrase “skipping leg day” should mean you accidentally left your fishnets at home. He’s got style in the streets and will leave glitter in your sheets, give it up for the 8th Pantless Wonder of the World himself, Mr. Danny Cavalier!”