Mr. Maryland Leather has represented COMMAND, MC and the Leather Community of Maryland throughout the state, across the country and around the world since 1991. Our Mr. Maryland Leather also represents COMMAND, MC and Maryland’s Leather Community each year in Chicago as a contestant at International Mr. Leather.

While our many Mr. Maryland Leathers have worked hard to both represent and support the club and community, there are only a few requirements they must fulfill.

  • Judge the Mr. Maryland Leather Contest two years after their contest
  • Attend the following year’s contest to step down and present the sash to the next MML
  • Participate in his IML Sendoff bar night;
  • Work with COMMAND MC in a fundraiser for a community based organization selected by the titleholder during his title year:
  • Represent his title during Baltimore Pride Weekend
  • Represent the Maryland Leather Community at various events throughout his title year including, but not limited to: Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend (MAL), American Brotherhood Weekend (ABW), Maryland Leather Sir/boy Contest, Mid-Atlantic Leather Sir/boy contest, Baltimore Eagle Contest, and other regional & local contests and events.

Other than the above requirements, each Mr. Maryland Leather decides for himself how he will spend his title year. Some have chosen to travel outside of Maryland extensively as ambassadors. Others have chosen to mostly stay in Maryland and produce fundraisers for great causes. Some have chosen platforms like HIV/AIDS education or prevention, Introducing younger people to the Leather Community, discovering and preserving the history of the community, and many other issues.

Mr. Maryland Leather receives a generous prize package that includes a travel fund to support his trip to IML and other travels throughout his title year. The travel fund starts with $1,000 and another $500 is added by the club as soon as Mr. Maryland Leather holds a fundraiser for the charitable cause of his choosing in Maryland. In addition to that, COMMAND, MC assists Mr. Maryland Leather in holding a Send Off Party prior to IML. All the money raised at that party is added to the travel fund.

In addition to a private interview with the judges panel there are three on-stage segments of the contest of which only two are scored. During the interview the contestants are judged on their responses and interaction with the judges. (30% of score) They are also judged on their community service with an emphasis on the MD gay and leather communities. (20% of score)

  • INTRODUCTION – Contestants are encouraged to wear “bar wear” for this first on-stage segment. Each contestant is introduced to the audience and this section is not judged or scored.
  • PHYSIQUE/JOCKSTRAP ROUND – Contestants come to the stage wearing a jockstrap. While they are on stage the emcee reads some of their interests and activities from their applications so the audience can get to know them. During this round they are judged on their physique. However, it is not necessarily the most worked out and beautiful body that scores the best. Much of the scoring in this round is based instead on the contestants level of comfort and confidence while on stage in little more than a jock strap. (15% of score)
  • FORMAL LEATHER/SPEECH – Contestants come to the stage wearing formal leather wear. While on stage each contestant gives a speech limited to 90 seconds on whatever topic they choose. During this segment the contestants are judged on their leather image (15% of score) and their speech. (20% of score)

The men who have had the honor to be Mr. Maryland Leather have consistently described it as a unique and exciting privilege. Several have described it as life changing. Many have said that competing on an international stage at IML was an incredible experience difficult to describe. The effort a Mr. Maryland Leather puts into his title year is no doubt returned to him twofold and in countless ways by the Maryland Leather Community.

If you would like to learn more about what it takes to run for Mr. Maryland Leather and what it means to be Mr. Maryland Leather, please consider contacting the current Mr. Maryland Leather, any former MML or the club president. Their contact information is on our contacts page.


COMMAND MC reserves the right to remove contestants from the competition if their values contradict those of the club.
Mr. Maryland Leather is open to all leatherfolx who identify as male, regardless of gender presentation or government identification.




Contestants may download the application here.

MML Contestant Fee




Mr. Maryland Leather Contestant Application Fee