Corps Of Marylanders Making A Noticeable Difference Motorcycle Club

The purpose of COMMAND MC is to promote pride in the Leather Community, personally and publicly; to bring about an image of respect, responsibility and fellowship toward the leather community; and to support our community financially and actively whenever possible. COMMAND MC primarily serves the LGBTQ+ community of the Maryland area.

COMMAND MC promotes community and camaraderie within the Maryland Leather Community as the producer of the Maryland Leather Contest, regular bar nights and various social events. We support the Leather and LGBTQ+ communities by raising money for queer & social justice charities in Maryland, with a focus on the Baltimore area, as well as individual support for community members in need.

COMMAND MC  membership is open to all members of the community, regardless of gender or sexuality.  We believe that the community is strongest when we all work together to make it strong.